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Liver Transplantation

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  • 214,811 Transplantation Specialty Average Monthly Visits

Run of Book Rates

Rates apply to inclusion in Print issues. All B/W (PI) rates are for pages that run in conjunction with Full Page color ad units.

Volume Full Page Color Full Page B/W (PI) 1/2 Page Color 1/2 Page B/W (PI)
1x $2,655 $1,380 $2,240 $965
3x $2,615 $1,340 $2,215 $940
6x $2,575 $1,300 $2,190 $915
12x $2,540 $1,265 $2,165 $890
24x $2,505 $1,230 $2,140 $865

Cover and Preferred Position Rates

  • Cover 2: 35% of earned B/W (PI) page rate
  • Cover 3: 25% of earned B/W (PI) page rate
  • Cover 4: 50% of earned B/W (PI) page rate
  • Other Preferred Positions: 25% of earned B/W (PI) page rate

Insert Rates

  • 2-page: 2.5 times earned B/W (PI) page rate
  • 4-page: 4.5 times earned B/W (PI) page rate
  • 8-page: 8.5 times earned B/W (PI) page rate

Agency Commission

15% agency discount should be applied. All prices shown as gross.

Digital Rates

Please contact your Sales Representative for digital rates and availability.

Note: All digital quotes are net; agency commission not applicable.


Print and digital reprints are available. Contact your Sales Representative for pricing.

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