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The most cited and influential journal in the field, with around 25,000 citations a year, Transplantation provides extensive coverage of the most important advances in transplantation. Consistently ranked among the top journals in Transplantation, Surgery and Immunology (Journal Citation Reports), the journal covers the broad range of transplantation, clinical transplantation, immunosuppression, experimental transplantation, immunobiology and genomics, cell transplantation and xenotransplantation. Expert researchers and clinicians from around the world contribute research articles in every pertinent specialty. Innovative features bring attention to research at the forefront of the field.

Organizational Affiliation

Official Journal of The Transplantation Society and the International Liver Transplantation Society

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Transplantation 6/24
Surgery 21/210
Immunology 52/158


Jeremy R. Chapman

Executive Editors

Carla Baan (Basic);
Jonathan Bromberg (Clinical);
Edward Geissler (Online);
Bruce Kaplan (Stats/Bioinformatics);
Elizabeth A. Pomfret (Liver);
Stefan G. Tullius (Features)


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